V11 - Curas Inc


All clients upgrading need to move to V11. V10 SP2.48 is being retired. My.eclinicalworks has resources to help you get up to speed.

Curas offers several options for learning about V11. We also have a V11 Preparedness offering that focuses on the “must do” items to help make your upgrade smooth. The best part? It includes 4 hours of a dedicated support person to take your calls on your first day of go-live on V11!

Want to start your upgrade process?

  1. Submit a ticket to support (support@curas.net) requesting your upgrade
  2. Curas support will reach out to discuss the process and to start the pre-requisites review
    1. Any gaps identified between your current server and the pre-requisites for V11 will documented with a plan to address the gaps
  3. Curas will schedule other activities related to the upgrade as well as the actual upgrade