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V11 feature highlight – Encounter Review

The Encounter Review feature enables practices to perform real-time checks on encounters prior to creating claims. The feature allows users to scrub encounters and to fix the errors at the encounter level instead of waiting for the claims to be created to view the errors. Claim scrubbing includes eligibility errors, Code Correct Errors, and mandatory errors. Progress Notes can be modified or updated before the claim is created which will helps avoid a mismatch between the claim and the Progress Note.

How it works

  • Encounters that are marked “Done” or “Locked” by the provider are listed in Encounter Review under the Billing Band.
  • If an encounter is found to have errors during the scrubbing, it is moved to an “On Hold” status so the coder/biller can discuss with provider or clinical staff about changes or clarification that is needed.
  • The practice can select how many days an Encounter can be “On Hold”. This can be set on each claim or at a predetermined interval that is determined in settings.
  • Once the Progress Note has been updated or is approved by the coder/biller, the user marks the Progress Note as Ready to Bill.
  • The Provider is able to find and lock these progress notes under the S Quick-Launch button. These encounters are identified as “Ready to Lock Encounters” allowing the Provider to lock the Progress Notes that are approved by the biller/coder as having no errors.
  • Billers can elect to use the Claims IPE process to create claims for Encounters marked “Ready to Bill” or have PM Scheduled Jobs automatically create claims for encounters that are marked “Ready to Bill”.

This feature is available in both V11 browser and .exe.

Please contact Curas support or your account manager about turning on this feature.