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Top Three Reasons to optimize your eClinicalWorks

It’s a scene we encounter many times with medical practices across the country. They’ve got their eClinicalWorks in place, maybe they’ve been using it for a while, and they realize they’re just scratching the surface of what the system can do. Or, they’re experiencing some pains in terms of their billing, cash flow, scheduling management, or tracking patient populations, among other things. The great news is that through optimization, practices can leverage the power of eClinicalWorks, making use of the data the system holds, and making the most effective use of the features to enhance your practice’s performance. Curas can help you get the most out of your eClinicalWorks investment, improving your business and patient care in the process.

A Season of Change in Healthcare

Healthcare is experiencing a tidal wave of change. Policies are changing, patients are bearing an increased responsibility for their care as deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance continues to rise. Practices are experiencing lower reimbursements and rising pressure to confirm to new regulations, and programs such as MIPS. You can get ahead of these issues through optimization!

By making use of commonly overlooked features like order sets, reporting, and integrated capabilities built into eClinicalWorks, you can have a dramatic impact on nearly every area of your business from financials and workflow efficiencies to increased patient engagement and better outcomes for your patient population.

Three ways your practice will benefit from optimization

  1. Better patient care… Optimization allows you to better manage your patient populations by leveraging the data in eClinicalWorks, and using features in eClinicalWorks that will help patients feel more engaged in their care.
  • Leverage the Data: Your system contains the information and reporting capabilities you need to monitor patient status and progress against key health care metrics. It also gives you valuable insight into things like patient wait times, scheduling trends, and patient population trends. Your patient’s experience is improved through shorter visits, better engagement, and streamlined communication between providers at point of care.
  • Improve Patient Engagement: Through optimization, patients will have the ability to better participate in their care, and ultimately, receive better care with better outcomes. They’ll have access to features in eClinicalWorks such as the patient portal or kiosk where they can be more interactive and communicate more with the practice without having to make a phone call or schedule a visit. With access to the healow smart phone app, patients can access their information from anywhere!
  1. Better profitability … Your practice is a business. Optimizing eClinicalWorks gives you the power to improve your business by streamlining processes to optimize your revenue cycle. You’ll have a better handle on reimbursements, management of patient balances, getting billing out the door more quickly (and correctly) so you’ll experience fewer denials.
  2. Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) … The era of MIPS is now upon us, and it’s crucial for practices to have the right systems and reporting practices in place to qualify for incentives. Those who aren’t ready could face penalties of up to 9% by 2022. Through the optimization process (or any of Curas’ MIPS services), we can help your practice get the right plan in place to tackle this new initiative.

Is your practice ready for optimization?

If you’ve made an investment in eClinicalWorks, chances are, you’re ready for optimization. Ask yourself:

  • Are we having trouble getting paid in a timely manner?
  • Are we still operating like we were when we were a paper-based medical office?
  • Have we been entering data since we went live, but aren’t sure what to do with it?
  • Do we need to better engage our patients in their care?
  • Are we ready for changes like MIPS?

Did you answer yes – or “I don’t know” – to any of these questions? You’re ready for optimization. Fact is, the need for optimization is just beginning. Those who start sooner rather than later will find themselves at a great advantage as the health care landscape continues to evolve.

Why choose Curas for optimization?

Over the last ten years, Curas has experienced an exceptional track record in successfully implementing and helping physician practices across the country get the most out of their eClinicalWorks system. Every day, we’re in conversations with practices about their businesses – how they’re striving to get better, how they’re working to meet the demands of the trends in health care, where they’re finding success and where they’re struggling. We combine that knowledge with our technical experience, our report writing skills, and our eClinicalWorks expertise to offer a unique blend of tools to help practices optimize their eClinicalWorks and get the most out of their investment.