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Top Claim Rejection – COB Information does not Balance

All practices are looking for ways to reduce their Days in AR (Total Accounts Receivable divided by Average Daily Charges). Standard practice suggests having a rate between 26-40 days, varying by specialty. One factor that has a major impact on Days in AR is claims rejection, as when a claim is rejected, it increases the amount of time in AR. Our partners at TriZetto Provider Solutions analyzed rejected claims for Curas clients and found that the number one reason for a claims rejection is “COB information does not balance”.

The good news is, you can easily tackle this issue by enabling the CPT Flexible Payment Posting feature for ERAs. This allows all the claim payment processing information to reflect/report and balance with minimal to no human intervention to the next payer. We have seen a significant decrease in these specific types of errors once this feature is enabled and adopted.

Need assistance implementing this feature within your organization? Contact Curas Support at or 636-980-1310 to help lower your Days in AR.