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Patient Engagement

In a recent article on Med City News, eClinicalWorks’ Sidd Shah, who is leading the healow™ program, noted the importance of providers being involved in the patient engagement process. This can lead to better health outcomes and cost savings. Shah explains that the apps and technology are just the starting point for patient engagement, and outlines the two primary areas where patients and providers can engage with health: 1) in the clinic to simplify appointment bookings, check-in, and electronic completion of forms; and 2) outside the clinic through the healow™ app, which patients can leverage to become custodians of their own medical records and to integrate with wearable devices to track data in a streamlined way. Case studies have already shown how this type of engagement can benefit patients and their health care, both over the long-term and in emergency situations.

This type of connectivity, along with the practice’s commitment to making patients aware and engaging with them through this technology, allows the patient to be a more informed and engaged participant in his or her health care. More developments for healow™ are on the horizon for 2017, including the sharing of health data through third party APIs for the betterment of certain health conditions, and participating in the All of Us Research Program with the National Institutes of Health.