Need help with billing? - Curas Inc.

Need help with billing?

At Curas, we specialize in optimizing billing procedures so that your practice can run smoothly and efficiently. Optimizing your billing keeps delays from occurring in your cash flow, and can help you identify and address key issues so that your billing workflows can run as efficiently as possible. With Curas’s help setting up your billing processes, your in-house staff will have the support they need to best perform them.

If you would rather outsource your billing than have it optimized in-house, RCM360®  may be the right solution for you.  RCM360® is a partner company of Curas that is comprised of a team of professionals who are experienced with eClinicalWorks and billing and revenue cycle management. After analyzing and optimizing your eClinicalWorks Billing, RCM360® sets up processes, dashboards, reports, and regular meetings so you don’t have to wonder what the state of your billing is.

Whatever your billing needs may be, we can help. Contact Curas Support today to find out more.