MIPS Update, June 2018 - Curas Inc.

MIPS Update, June 2018

We’re now nearing the middle of the calendar year, and that means it’s time for your practice to undertake the reporting needs of MIPS, the Merit-based Incentive Payment System. Weekly automatic extractions of MIPS data are taking place Friday-Sunday and will display either YTD or quarterly data.

If you have not received an automatic extraction, or cannot see 2018 MIPS data on your Quality and/or Advancing Care tabs, please ensure all of your providers are setup for 2018 on the Setup tab. Even if you did this last year, you must be sure to complete the set up for 2018, including the selection of Quality measures. eClinicalWorks anticipates all supported Quality measures being available by 8/31/18.

The 2018 MIPS dashboards were released in the first week of May. You can schedule a MIPS dashboard review with your analyst. A set of educational videos on MIPS are available through my.eclinicalworks.com. If the setup of your dashboard is complete and you still do not have 2018 data, please reach out to support for further assistance.