MIPS Update, August 2018 - Curas Inc.

MIPS Update, August 2018

MIPS/MU notice

When it comes to MIPS, having accurate and updated data on your MIPS dashboard is key. That’s why it’s important to make sure it’s configured and patched properly at all times. Many practices have recently reported that they’re not seeing their data on their MIPS dashboard, and we at Curas want to help you access the information you need. As a reminder, all dashboards must be reconfigured before data will start to auto extract.  If there is no option for 2018 or you have set the configurations and data is still not available, patches may be missing.  Please contact support to address support@curas.net or 636-980-1310

Additionally, practices still attesting to Meaningful Use must manually request extractions on the MAQ dashboard as eClinialWorks is no longer performing auto extractions of MU data.

2019 MIPS Payment Adjustment Fact Sheet

Wondering how payment adjustment factors will be applied in CY 2019 based on the 2017 final MIPS scores? We’ve attached a handy FAQ sheet to help you understand what you need to know. While it covers a variety of topics and questions, the Curas team is always happy to address your specific needs.

2019 MIPS Payment Adjustment fact sheet