MIPS Corner, February 2018 Newsletter - Curas Inc.

MIPS Corner, February 2018 Newsletter

Are you ready to attest for 2017? Don’t forget that Wednesday, February 28th is the deadline for Medicare claims submission!

In case you have not heard the 2017 MIPS attestation is now open!  Practices have to log into the MIPS portal at QPP.CMS.gov to self-attest for the Advancing Care Information and Improvement Activity categories.

If you were contracted with eClinicalWorks or another registry for submission of quality data, they should be submitting the quality data on your behalf.  Please confirm with your vendor to understand the process.   In order to attest, you will need an Enterprise Identity Data Management (EIDM) account with CMS for each TIN you need to submit data for.

If you have any questions/issues while creating an EIDM account or requesting a role, contact the QPP Help Desk (1-866-288-8292 or qpp@cms.hhs.gov).  Curas/eClinicalWorks cannot provide support for these accounts as they are managed by CMS.  If you need assistance during the attestation process, please reach out to support at support@curas.net to sign up for attestation assistance.

Important Note: Make sure you keep screenshots and copies of your proof of attestation! These can be invaluable during an audit.

EIDM Account User Guide