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Merit Based Incentive Payment System – MIPS

It’s a big shift for your practice, and we’re working with many of your peers to help them prepare. Is your practice ready for MIPS? The program, which is now in full swing, combines programs you are already familiar with (MU, PQRS, and VBM) into one reporting and payment system. Those who participate in MIPS may be eligible for receiving incentives for meeting a defined set of performance standards, while those who do not participate will face financial penalties in the form of reduced payment adjustments. The standards set forth for MIPS include: 1) Quality; 2) Advancing Care Information; 3) Improvement Activities; and 4) Cost, or Resource Use.

While it may seem overwhelming to begin a new program such as this, the Curas team is here to help. We’ve developed an informative article regarding how your practice will be impacted, as well as a comprehensive slate of MIPS services, at various levels, to help your practice through the transition. Contact Curas Support for more information.