Did you know? ECW V10 has a built in Patient Cost Estimator tool | Curas

Did you know? ECW V10 has a built in Patient Cost Estimator tool

Patient Cost Estimator

This new feature allows you to provide an estimation to the patient based on the provider, CPT code, and type of service; professional, facility, and anesthesia. It uses estimate rules, fee schedule’s allowed amounts, patient’s eligibility benefits, and the configuration rules set by the users.

Patient Cost Estimator also has the ability to estimate more accurately with consideration factors for assist at surgery, nurse practitioner, and multiple procedure rules. The estimate is largely driven by the allowable amount within the fee schedule and the patient’s eligibility benefit results. Utilizing integrated eligibility verification through your clearinghouse combined with accurate allowable amounts per the carrier will maximum your results with this feature.

Need help obtaining those contracted rates, creating fee schedules, and associating it to the plan in eCW? Curas (with the help of RCM360) can help with that along with configuration and training on the Patient Cost Estimator. Reach out to your account manager or contact support support@curas.net or 636-980-1310.