Innovation Summit Recap | Curas Inc. | Spring 2018

Innovation Summit Recap

What a great event in Fort Lauderdale! eCW presented an update on the Acute Care Solution. eCW announced that Waverly (a Curas training client) will be going live this year. Congratulations!

 eClinicalWorks discussed V11 and future version features. 

One of the most interesting enhancements had to do with improved eRX workflow allowing providers to receive change requests from pharmacies, to track the fill status of prescriptions and to cancel a prescription. All of this can be accomplished from within eCW with just a few clicks!

eCW presented several V11 revenue cycle focused enhancements:

 Card on file

The ability to store a patient’s credit card so that it can be used to collect patient balances. The card is stored securely with the merchant and includes a card on file agreement feature that makes process of capturing consent easy.

Registration Rules

eCW is supplying a library of preconfigured rules to choose from so that practices can start using Registration rules to enforce front office best practices.

  • Rule examples 
    • Date of accident is missing
    • Authorization is missing
    • Release of Info signature needs updating


New integrated feature with TriZetto that allows practices to track the credentialing process for providers

  • Key features include 
    • Documents required by payer
    • Status with each payer
    • No additional cost as part of product


New integration with TriZetto alerts allows practices to track claims that need follow-up. Some of the alerts that a practice would receive include

  • Timely filing limit for every claim
  • Appeals filing limits


A new integration with TriZetto’s Appeals Management solution allows practices to process an appeal and print out the necessary forms from eClinicalWorks. This process reduces the time consuming process to just a few clicks, significantly streamlining the claims appeals process.

 Payment reconciliation

A new feature will help practices reconcile bank payments and streamline the payment posting process. Exception queues identify payments that need to be reviewed by the practice.

 Statements CAS CODE

Insurance CAS code descriptions for statements allow a practice to provide practice defined/user friendly descriptions to help eliminate patient calls.