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Did You Know? New Reports in eBO

Did you know each eBO version comes with new reports? To view which reports are new, choose the most recent eCWEBO package and click the What’s New in V7.1 hyperlink.

In the version 7.1 release, our new favorites are:

  • 13.13 – Insurance Eligibility Report – when the clearinghouse has been configured to populate eligibility results, this report shows if eligibility has been checked for patients who have appointments for that day
  • 37.10 – Financial Analysis at CPT Level with Diagnosis Info – this is the first financial report to include diagnosis codes in with the billed procedure codes; useful for analyzing payment or non-payment on claims using particular diagnosis codes
  • 44.06 – Duplicate Patient Report – this report pulls a list of duplicate patients by comparing Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth and City