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Develop Reports to Mine your eClinicalWorks Data

Writing reports is a daunting task for most practices, but it’s the best way to learn what’s happening in your practice. That’s because your eClinicalWorks system holds a great amount of valuable data about your patients, the practice itself, your operations and your finances. The great news is, this information can be leveraged to help you make improvements so you can be a more profitable, efficient practice. Though eBO has the tools, learning to write reports and develop SQL statements against a database is difficult and time-consuming. But don’t let that stop you!

There is a timely, cost effective way to develop reports so you can measure what’s working and what’s not. Curas has the eClinicalWorks expertise, the business acumen, and the report writing skills to help you develop the reports you need.

Report-Writing: Three Ways to Extract and Analyze the Data You Need

1. Quick Reports in the Curas Report Store

Curas has an online store with the most commonly needed reports for eClinicalWorks, developed by our team of report-writing experts. Simply browse the Report Store to see if there is a report that meets your needs. Once you’ve found the perfect match, just click to complete the purchase form. Curas will install the report on your eBO server and have you using the report in less than 24 hours. This is by far the fastest and most cost effective way to add to your own report library.

2. Custom Reports

Your practice is unique, and you may have needs for a report tailored specifically for you. That’s why Curas offers services to develop the report for you. We start with a call to discover how you use eClinicalWorks and enter data that is relevant for the report. We make sure we understand how the report will be used so that you will get a report that is useful for your practice. Once the requirements are documented, we provide a work order and estimated timeline. In most cases, we can deliver and install the report in just a couple of weeks.

3. Consultation and Training for Your In-House Report Writers

Many large enterprises we work with have dedicated report writers on staff. In those cases, Curas provides training to help your report writers learn the eClinicalWorks system, and best practices for developing reports. We provide customized Report Studio training that focuses just on the reports that you want to build. At the end of training, you not only learn how to write reports, you also walk away with some of the reports your practice needs because you’re building them in class! As your report writers become more proficient, our consultants can provide guidance on complex report writing approaches. We can also provide instruction on how to write the more difficult SQL queries to get the data you need.

Reports Can Improve and Grow your Practice

  •  Better patient care, experience and outcomes

You’ll be able to view reports that give you a snapshot of what’s happening with your patients. Reports harness the power of the data already housed in your eClinicalWorks system, making it simple to monitor and enhance all points of patient care! You can easily manage wait times, provide educational materials, or analyze patient populations to determine what treatments and overall health care approaches are working.

  • More profit

Curas has reports specifically designed to help you monitor claims, reimbursements, denials and other financial issues. You’ll be able to see where you can make improvements to enhance cashflow and profitability. For example, if you’re having trouble getting timely reimbursements, you can spot common errors on claims and rectify the issues.

Why choose Curas for report writing?

Since 2004, Curas has experienced an exceptional track record in successfully implementing and helping physician practices across the country get the most out of their eClinicalWorks system. We serve medical practices in 48 states, from large enterprises and physicians groups to small, independent doctors’ offices. Every day, we’re in conversations with practices about their businesses – how they’re striving to get better, how they’re working to meet the demands of the trends in health care, where they’re finding success and where they’re struggling. We combine that knowledge with our technical experience, our report writing skills, and our eClinicalWorks expertise to offer a unique blend of tools to help practices optimize their eClinicalWorks and get the most out of their investment. We’re here to help you do the same. Contact Curas today to learn how your practice can benefit from reports for your eClinicalWorks.