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Did You Know? | Transition of Care / Problem List Enhancements in V11

eClinicalWorks has released a set of problem list enhancements in V11 and included a Transition of Care (TOC) button, which is now accessible from Appointment Window and Chief Complaint Section of Progress Note.  This update simplifies user experience, and provides visual confirmation if an item has not been verified yet. Here are some of the new features: A Transition of Care…

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Registration Rules

Registration Rules can reduce errors during appointment creation and the check-in process. The rules can range from simple rules like a provider not accepting a particular insurance, to more complex rules such as a visit status and type missing or the incorrect combination of referral, insurance, or provider requirements. There is even a bonus Reg Rules Dashboard for staff to…

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MIPS Update, June 2019

If you’re planning to report 2019 MIPS data for Promoting Interoperability (PI), don’t forget to review your dashboard.  If you are not seeing the PI data on the MIPS dashboard, please reach out to support at as patch 6171 needs to be applied.  In order to view the PI data, the set-up page must be saved after the patch is applied. …

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EHR training is the biggest predictor of user satisfaction, experts say

A user’s experience can be a deciding factor in how Electronic Health Records are implemented in the office. Healthcare IT News dives into the most important factor for improving EHR usage: making sure the users are educated on how to fully use it. Read the full article here.

Value-based care: Is it working?

During the month of June, Healthcare Finance News researched how well value-based care is meeting its goal. Tying payments to patient outcomes and more effective treatments is no doubt an involved task, and HFN will be releasing their findings soon based off of various analytics, interviews, and more. Read the full article here.

Did You Know? | Patient Statement Custom Message

In Version 11 eClinicalWorks released the feature Patient Statement Custom Message, to give users the ability to send a global statement message. Since its release some practices have adopted this feature, but were unaware it was not appearing on the ePatient Statement electronic file to the statement vendor. We have identified the resolution and want to assist your practice in implementing this…

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eClinicalWorks v11 and Patient Portal Version 8.2.14. 

eClinicalWorks has announced the release of eClinicalWorks Patient Portal Version 8.2.14. This version contains significant enhancements to the patient-facing aspects of Portal, such as easier accessibility, a cleaner look and feel and improved Spanish language capabilities. On the EMR side, Portal 8 has expanded proxy controls and settings, dashboard improvements and enhancements to online payments. Portal 8 also introduces key…

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Patient Safety Reminder: URLs/Certificates to be Added for e-Prescriptions and Rx Formulary Functionality

As a reminder, the following list of URLs must be added in the practice server/client machine’s Windows Firewall Exclusion to Anti-Virus Software and Trusted Sites in the browser:

MIPS Update, May 2019

In order to view the 2019 MIPS dashboard, a practice must have updated to eClinicalWorks V11. The 2019 MIPS Promoting Interoperability dashboards rollout began in May. If your practice already has updated to V11 and is also hosted on the eClinicalWorks cloud, you should have received the patch and need no further action. Those not on the eClinicalWorks cloud will…

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Providing Patients Electronic Access to Their Health Information

The measure for providing patient access to their health information has changed in 2019.  Now in order to comply with this measure’s requirements, you must provide timely updates for your patient and ensure the patient’s health information is available to them to access using an application of their choice.  In order to comply with this measure, it is important to…

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