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Handwritten RX Being Phased Out

As of Jan 1, 2020, Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies will not accept handwritten RX for controlled substances and will instead require e-prescriptions. Handwritten RX is being phased out more and more as e-prescriptions are trackable, and less likely to be altered or contain errors. Read More

Patient Safety Reminder: URLs/Certificates to be Added for e-Prescriptions and Rx Formulary Functionality

As a reminder, the following list of URLs must be added in the practice server/client machine’s Windows Firewall Exclusion to Anti-Virus Software and Trusted Sites in the browser:

Did You Know? | E-Jelllybean – Change Request

Pharmacies now have the capability to submit change requests for prescription changes electronically in eClinincalWorks Version 11.  There are three types of change requests that can be sent to the practice.  These change requests can be approved, approved with changes, or denied depending on the specific request. Generic substitution request This type of request is sent to allow for the…

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Did You Know? | February 2019

Did you know? There are report tools to manage medication NDC issues, to cut down on errors when sending eRx. NDCs (National Drug Codes) are numbers assigned by the FDA and provide standardization and verification of medication content between providers, pharmacies, insurances, etc. Within eCW, incorrect or missing NDCs may cause a prescription to fail or be dropped to fax….

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Server Requirements

Have you checked your server’s operating system recently?  As Microsoft is expected to retire Windows Server Version 2008 at the beginning of 2020, our team is proactively reaching out to all practices still using this version.   If you are a practice that is impacted, you will need to work with your IT and Curas to move to an updated environment. …

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EPCS Subscription Renewals

For many, you may be coming upon your first EPCS subscription annual renewals. If you wish to CANCEL (not renew) any of the subscriptions associated with the order(s), please visit and click on the Manage Accounts tab on the EPCS Widget. Please indicate which bound tokens you do not wish to renew. You may also indicate if there are any unused…

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RCM360 Corner – October 2018

Today’s episode: The Cost of AR Follow up.  According to CMS 70% of claims submitted are paid on the first pass, the other 30% denied claims are either lost, ignored, or never resubmitted.  Out of the 30% denied claims 60% are never resubmitted.  You’re entitled to that money, why are you leaving it with the payer? Visit RCM360 learn how…

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Windows End-of-Life

Microsoft is set to end extended support for both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. That means no updates or fixes will be available, nor will there be any online support offerings from Microsoft. It is time to begin planning the Server migration to Windows Server 2012 R2 (planned support until 10/2023) or Windows Server…

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Upgrade to eBO v7.2!

This release features several new and updated reports, most notably, v7.2 allows users to group 36.14 – Financial Analysis at Claim Level and 37.08 – Financial Analysis at CPT Level (With Everything) by Month and Year. In addition, new detail reports are available at both a claim and CPT level. View all financial transactions by claim or claim and CPT code.


Ransomware attacks have affected several practices over the last couple of months. Computer infections affect all users and patient care as well. Infection of a workstation is an inconvenience. Your computer is unavailable for several days while it is rebuilt. You lose pictures and documents that are not saved anywhere else. If there are not proper security measures in place,…

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