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Welcome to Curas, March 2019

Curas is excited to be working with Battenkill Valley Health Center on an eCW Clinical and Billing optimization project. Curas will be assisting this Federal Qualified Health Center in Vermont with a survey of its clinical and billing workflows, a review of its eCW system setup and an analysis of clinical and billing KPIs to identify areas of improving processes…

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MIPS Update, March 2019

March was a busy month as we updated our clients with the MIPS submission patch. Now that 2018 is behind us, it’s not too early to start thinking about 2019. Remember that there is a minimum reporting requirement of 15 points to avoid a negative payment adjustment in 2020. Additionally, 2019 data will only be available on the dashboard for…

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Did You Know? | February 2019

Did you know? There are report tools to manage medication NDC issues, to cut down on errors when sending eRx. NDCs (National Drug Codes) are numbers assigned by the FDA and provide standardization and verification of medication content between providers, pharmacies, insurances, etc. Within eCW, incorrect or missing NDCs may cause a prescription to fail or be dropped to fax….

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Server Requirements

Have you checked your server’s operating system recently?  As Microsoft is expected to retire Windows Server Version 2008 at the beginning of 2020, our team is proactively reaching out to all practices still using this version.   If you are a practice that is impacted, you will need to work with your IT and Curas to move to an updated environment. …

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MIPS Update, February 2019

eClinicalWorks released the MIPS submission patch during the week of February 18th.  Our team will reach out to coordinate the deployment of this patch as soon as it is released.  Physicians and groups that are participating have until 4/2/19 to submit and update data for performance year 2018.  Remember that there is a minimum reporting requirement of 15 points to…

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EPCS Subscription Renewals

For many, you may be coming upon your first EPCS subscription annual renewals. If you wish to CANCEL (not renew) any of the subscriptions associated with the order(s), please visit and click on the Manage Accounts tab on the EPCS Widget. Please indicate which bound tokens you do not wish to renew. You may also indicate if there are any unused…

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eClinicalWorks Lab Corp Clinical Hub Server Maintenance Notification

eClinicalWorks is constantly reviewing the needs of its users to ensure it is providing the best possible solutions for sending clinical orders and receiving results seamlessly into the EMR.  As a result, eCW will be performing required maintenance to the LabCorp eHUB server. The maintenance has been scheduled for February 2, 2019 at 9:00PM EST until February 3, 2019 at 5:00AM…

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Important Software Security Update – Patch 5626

eClinicalWorks takes the privacy and security of your account and patient information very seriously. eClinicalWorks released and pushed patch 5626 on December 16, 2018. This patch requires that practices use the latest UFG fax solution in conjunction with the eClinicalWorks application. Practices that were using an alternative. previously supported, fax solution or an older version of the UFG fax solution…

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eClinicalWorks Kiosk Supported on iPad Only

eClinicalWorks is no longer supporting access to its Kiosk software through a browser-based URL on Windows®-based computers. The eClinicalWorks Kiosk application will be supported on iPad® only, with full Kiosk functionality. No action is needed for customers that have downloaded the eClinicalWorks Kiosk App from the Apple® AppStore®.

eClinicalWorks Plugin Release Version 2.7.18 on January 15th

eClinicalWorks released the Plugin Version 2.7.18 on January 15, 2019. For customers using 10e or 11e, please upgrade the plugin to the latest version. Note: The download must be performed by Administrators with administrative privileges. For questions or assistance, contact Curas support at 636-980-1310 or