August 2017 - Curas Inc

Develop Reports to Mine your eClinicalWorks Data

Writing reports is a daunting task for most practices, but it’s the best way to learn what’s happening in your practice. That’s because your eClinicalWorks system holds a great amount of valuable data about your patients, the practice itself, your operations and your finances. The great news is, this information can be leveraged to help you make improvements so you…

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Top Three Reasons to optimize your eClinicalWorks

It’s a scene we encounter many times with medical practices across the country. They’ve got their eClinicalWorks in place, maybe they’ve been using it for a while, and they realize they’re just scratching the surface of what the system can do. Or, they’re experiencing some pains in terms of their billing, cash flow, scheduling management, or tracking patient populations, among…

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