July 2017 - Curas Inc

eCW EHR Certification Advisory

You should have received an EHR Certification Advisory. This document outlines various issues with eClinicalWorks, steps they’ve taken to address the issues, and recommended user actions for each. Please contact Curas Support if you have any questions, or if you did not receive this from eClinicalWorks.

ePayment Notification

From August 7th through September 1st, eClinicalWorks will be transitioning its ePayment servers to a new environment. As part of that process, eClinicalWorks must reconfigure the ePayments URL stored in a customer’s databases. This change impacts all customers using ePayments via the EMR, eClinicalWorks Kiosk or Patient Portal. No interruption in service is expected, but you may need to allow…

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Merit Based Incentive Payment System – MIPS

It’s a big shift for your practice, and we’re working with many of your peers to help them prepare. Is your practice ready for MIPS? The program, which is now in full swing, combines programs you are already familiar with (MU, PQRS, and VBM) into one reporting and payment system. Those who participate in MIPS may be eligible for receiving…

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