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2017 Chronic Care Management (CCM) Changes

On November 2, 2016 CMS finalized the 2017 Physician Fee Schedule final rule that recognizes the importance of primary care by improving payment for Chronic Care Management (CCM). As a result of this ruling, below are some changes to the CCM Program starting January 1st, 2017:

  • Introduction of 3 new CPT codes
    • G0506 – Add on code to CCM initiating visit
    • CPT 99487 – Complex CCM services (60 mins)
    • CPT 99489 – Complex CCM add-on (each additional 30 mins after the initial 60 mins)
  • Obtaining consent forms – Verbal rather than written consent allowed (Must still be documented in the medical record)
  • Reduced technology requirements
    • Care plan no longer has to be available electronically to individuals providing CCM after hours, as long as they have timely information
    • Fax is discouraged but can count for electronic exchange, if timely
  • RHC’s & FQHC’s – General Supervision for CCM beginning in CY 2017, however only CPT 99490 is payable in these settings and there are no add-on code/payment for initiating visits

2017 CCM CMS Documentation:
Document 1
Document 2

If your practice currently uses CCM, be sure to contact Curas to apply the 2017 CCM patch at 636-980-1310 or support@curas.net.