2016 National User Conference Recap - Curas Inc

2016 National User Conference Recap

Over 4000 users from around the world gathered in Orlando to learn about the latest updates and developments in eClinicalWorks. The Curas team was there, sharing live updates through our social media channels, and welcoming more than 100 guests to our First Night reception to kick off the conference. Don’t forget that if you missed the conference, we’ll be doing a recap at our December St. Louis User Group meeting. In the meantime, here’s a quick overview of the conference highlights:

The biggest news of the conference was the announcement that eClinicalWorks 10e is now available! See this related article for more information about the release and Curas boot camps available to help get you started.


  • eClinicalMobile: Nuance Speech Anywhere is now available with C20. Other updates include enhancement to Scribe, with makes functionality and commands similar to the desktop version. New capabilities are also now available in eClinicalMobile, including order/refill prescriptions, create new appointment, and order labs and diagnostic images. Serviec Pack 2 for 10e does not affect eClinicalMobile.

    What’s coming next for eClinicalMobile? Future advancements include Apple Watch integration for scheduling, telephone encounters, lab, messages, and eRX. In addition, plans for Touch ID integration, individual app notifications, and EKO digital stethoscope integration are in the works. If you aren’t familiar with EKO devices, they’re the first in history which allow patient sounds to be integrated with electronic health records for more seamless referrals, documentation and monitoring, so this is a big and exciting development.

  • eClinicalTouch: There are currently 8,000 users of eClinicalTouch across the United States, making it very common in Urgent Care and Family Medicine practices. As with eClinicalMobile, Nuance Speech Anywhere is now available with C20. We did receive one word of caution about compatibility with iOS 10. Because eClinicalWorks is still working through bugs, clients are encouraged to AVOID UPGRADING TO iOS 10 as long as possible. We will keep clients informed as we receive more information from eClinicalWorks on their progress.

    There are also several new things on the horizon for eClinicalMobile, including WorkSpace, Dosage Calculator, QuickNotes, as well as improvements to patient hub, patient logs, and OB flowsheets.

New Modules:

  • Dermatology: The Dermatology module includes a 3D model that has over 900 hot spots. Functionality to help practices proactively manage their patients are built in to the module. These features include:
    • Creation of a watch list to keep an eye on issues or observations
    • Improvements for the treatment plan, with intelligent, preconfigured shortcuts linking treatment and template options
    • Image capturing, with the ability to compare up to nine images that can be directly linked. eClinicalMobile can be used to capture images.
    • Follow-up functionality and exam link that can be easily used to carry forward information.
  • Inventory Management: allows for automatic and streamlined patient purchasing of products, with each applicable transaction creating a claim for the product and linking the payment to the claim. Products can also be easily added to the system, and EBO reports from the system are available.

Future Modules:

  • Ambulatory Surgery Ccenter (ASC): There are currently more than 5000 ASCs in the county, both hospital owned and physician owned, and the majority of them are using paper. The eClinicalWorks 10e platform will allow for one unified patient record, built as part of the ambulatory 10e platform. This new ASC module will be a comprehensive solution that includes:
    • Scheduling
    • Inventory Management
    • Clinical Documentation
    • Billing Reporting

    The patient’s demographic information, clinical histories, and special considerations like allergies will all be carried over from the clinic side, eliminating the need for re-entry of data and reducing the likelihood of errors, omissions, or duplicate documentation.

  • Occupational Medicine: A new PT, OT and Speech Therapy module is currently in development. Through the various processes in place, and data that will be captured through this new module, eClinicalWorks anticipates that users will experience:
    • Improved Compliance
    • Improved Revenue Generation
  • Urgent Care: SP2 version enhancements are in development, which will help expedite, enhance, and optimize care, all while measuring patient satisfaction. The module will allow for open integration with Healow, in which patients can book an appointment directly from the website into eClinicalWorks. With the Healow Open Access Widget, you can customize information on your website to include nearest location, wait times and fastest travel routes. The check in window and registration pages are also customizable. Many opportunities for optimization exist within the new module, including a Cost Estimator, Demographic Rule Engine, Credit Card on File, as well as the ability to add questionnaires on eTouch3 (not available in SP2).
  • TriZetto Integration: eClinicalWorks announced its integration with TriZetto Provider Solutions, presenting the improvements to the financial health of your practice as more transparency and better processes for processing and managing claims exist. Patient access of the system helps to shift the revenue cycle to the front end, with patients receiving clear estimations on what they’ll owe along with the detailed amount of charges. Claims management is also automated, with features like real-time claim scrubbing, claim status inquiries, alerts and dashboards. Auto appeal of denied claims helps you drill down on each denial to determine next steps and auto appeal within moments. Finally, financial reporting and revenue cycle management integrated reporting will help you optimize your practice’s financial management and wellbeing.