MIPS Updates

Quick updates regarding the 2018 reporting period include:

  • The Cost category will be worth 10% of the final MIPS score instead of the proposed 0%.
  • The Quality category will be a full year for the reporting period, whereas the other categories are only 90 days.  This category weightage is also dropping to 50% in 2018.
  • The minimal points for 2018 will be 15 points whereas previous year was only 3 points.
  • The eligibility requirements have increased to greater than $90,000 in allowed charges to Medicare or more than 200 Medicare patients.

If you have any questions or need support regarding these updates, please contact Curas Support

2017 National User Conference Highlight Reel

We’ve just wrapped up the 2017 National User Conference and had a great time! If you missed it or want to look back, check out our Highlight Reel.

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Daily Prize Drawings!

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What’s New: eCW Podcasts decode MACRA, MIPS, & APMs

The Medicare and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), passed by Congress in 2015, shifts healthcare from a fee-for-service model into the Quality Payment Program. Yet at over 2,100 pages, understanding MACRA can seem overwhelming. In a two-part series, eClinincalWorks’ latest podcasts summarize the MACRA and Quality Payment program, outlines the MIPS and APMs payment tracks, gives tips on how to prepare for them, and shows how value-based models will affect practices.

Part One

Part Two

Check it out on their website!

Curas Client Testimonials

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Women’s Care Consultants Testimonial

Women’s Care Consultants
Missouri Baptist Healthcare Center

Women’s Care Consultants discusses their relationship with Curas and the guidance they received through eClinicalWorks implementation and support.