Custom Reports

While the software solutions Curas offers hold many powerful reporting capabilities and patient registry tools, we also recognize that there are many cases where your unique medical practice may require a report that gives you information specific to the way you do business.  A template from our reports library may meet your needs, or you may need us to develop a report or customized dashboard view to give you a look at key information to move a patient or your practice forward.  Curas can create a report, which draws from your data, in many areas including:


      • Printed Visit Summary Log
      • Historical AR
      • Payments posted to Service Date Range
      • Referral Report
      • 340 B Export ( need pay for FTP utility)
      • G/L Export for Microsoft Dynamics
      • G/L Export for Quickbooks
      • Collections Report/Export File
      • Visit Duration Report — and many others.


Curas consultants have the experience needed to compile complex reports and present it to you in a variety of formats including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.


Curas also provides report templates and eBO Reporting support.  To learn more, visit our Report Store to purchase existing report templates or read more about our eBO Reporting support services or contact us to request a specific report.