Billing Audit

One of the most challenging parts of moving to a new EHR system is billing.  What once was second nature to those in charge of billing suddenly have a new system, a new set of rules.  In many cases, there may not have been a cohesive process or structure in the old system or no one remembers why or how things were set up certain ways.  Yet it’s also a critical piece of your medical practice.  It just has to work in order for the practice to operate.


That’s why Curas offers a Billing Audit as part of our eClinicalWorks services.


We help you :


      • Identify the key problem areas in your billing process
      • Determine how key features that are being utilized in your billing process
      • Identify inefficiencies in your workflow
      • Identify additional training needs
      • Develop a plan and timeline to streamline the process for enhanced efficiency and faster payment


Curas and eClinicalWorks have extensive experience in helping clients transition their billing processes to new EHR systems.


Join the nearly 1,000 physicians and hospital groups who have leveraged this knowledge to take their practice to the next level.