Curas EMR Mobile (for iPhone)

Take your patient records with you, and have access to information anywhere you have cellular coverage!  Curas offers the only native Apple iPhone application, downloadable from iTunes, which allows you to access your eClinicalWorks patient information quickly and easily.  The app packs so many features, you can be on the go while staying connected to your patients’, and your practice’s, vital information.


Rely on the Curas EMR Mobile (for iPhone) app to:


  • View your schedule — get instant access to all of your appointments, in real time, from wherever you are.
  • Manage patient medications — view each patient’s prescriptions, doses, and complete medication history right on your iPhone. No need to call the office or guess.  What a great timesaver.
  • Manage Phone Messages when you get a break from the office, or go on a much deserved vacation, you no longer have to dread the waiting pile of messages. Use the Curas app to access messages, delegate tasks to staff, and answer questions so your first day back is manageable and productive.
  • Enter “Out of Office” Charges — going on office rounds, nursing home visits, or some other chargeable appointment away from the office?  Enter them right on your hone!  It’s recorded immediately, and billing can process your claim and submit it almost as soon as you complete your service.
  • Access Progress Notes — out of the office, at the hospital, or on rounds?  With Curas EMR Mobile (for iPhone) app, you can access all of your notes on each patient any time you need them, from anywhere you may be.  You can make informed decisions quickly and with the information you need.


Get the Curas EMR Mobile iPhone App today, and take your vital patient and practice information with you wherever you go.