eClinicalWorks eEHX is a secure community of affiliated physicians, medical practices and specialists which serves as a hub of information for patients, enabling global patient searches and the consolidation of duplicate patient records across multiple clinical systems.  Records may be shared in all platforms within the community, including hospitals, reference labs, regional health information exchange, and immunization registries.  The system also includes a community-wide dashboard to manage critical compliance and performance items, and make global information readily available for public health initiatives and alerts.


In eEHX, all physician interaction with a patient is logged and consolidated into a single patient record, which is shareable and updatable by all members of the community.  The system is ideal for large hospital organizations and physician groups who are affiliated with a specific network.


Join the nearly 1,000 physicians and hospital groups who have implemented eClinicalWorks with Curas and take your practice to the next level.