eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records

You became a doctor to help people, and provide the best possible care to those you serve. Curas is here to help you do that. That’s why when it comes to technology solutions for your medical practice, Curas implements nothing but the best. We’ve partnered with eClinicalWorks, the maker of the award-winning Electronic Medical Records, EMR Certified for Meaningful Use measures, and proven to enhance efficiency and access to critical information all in a secure environment.


A Curas Implementation of eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records in your Practice Means:


      • Streamlined Process Management —  for all tasks involving patients and administration of your practice, from patient check-in to billing.
      • Better, Instant Access to Patient Information — in your office or through your iPhone, your patients’ complete medical records are available with just a few clicks.
      • Immediate Action — manage prescriptions, view test results, and determine a course of action for your patient faster than ever before.
      • Improved Overall Patient Health— better continuity and coordination in patient care are achieved through enhanced access to timely, accurate, and shared information.
      • Interaction — in today’s connected age, patients expect enhanced communication among medical professionals and specialists involved in their care. Primary care physicians can provide their notes in traditional S.O.A.P. format, focusing on the sections they want the recipient to read. Specialty practices can send copies of their notes in the order of Assessment, Plan, Subjective and Objective. This allows them to communicate the most important aspect of their visit the patient’s diagnosis and how it will be treated.
      • Quality Measures — have access to the tools needed for healthcare quality measures and patient disease management. Information about your entire patient population is right at your fingertips.
      • FQHC and RHC Reporting Capabilities — federal funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Center relies on the proper collection and reporting of data. Curas can address these unique challenges and develop the right eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records system to meet your needs.
      • Access to Custom Reports and Dashboards — view a streamlined dashboard of an individual patient chart, complete with the information you need to see, or run custom reports which measure quality of care, analyze DOQ-IT progress, or follow-up on patients with chronic diseases.
      • Certification — eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records is a CCHIT Certified Ambulatory EHR, additionally certified for Child health Production, and meets the Certification Commission’s EHR criteria for office-based use.


Because we recognize that every hospital and medical practice is unique, all Curas implementations of eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records include customizable features, reports, patient-centric dashboards, and workflow to accommodate your operations. Regardless of your practice’s size or specialty, Curas can develop the right eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records solution to meet your needs. In fact, eClinicalWorks EMR accommodates the unique requirements of over 40 specialties and subspecialties.



SureScripts & Rx Hub

Medical care oftentimes goes hand-in-hand with prescription medications, and in most cases, the more quickly you can get the patient on the right meds, the faster he or she will be on the road to recovery or effective management of an ongoing condition.


eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records integrates an easy-to-use system for prescribing and managing patient medications. With SureScripts, the Nation’s E-Prescription Network, and Rx Hub, you can:


      • Electronically submit a prescription request to an enrolled pharmacy
      • Electronically refill prescription requests for an enrolled pharmacy
      • Prescribe medicine on patient formulary
      • Reduce pharmacy calls and provide cost-effective care