eBO Reporting

Behind every medical practice is a business where patient care is at the forefront, and efficiency in workflow processes can enhance each patient’s experience and outcomes. You need tools and information to reach those goals, and Curas will help you implement the workflow and technology to get you there.


A Curas implementation of eClinicalWorks Business Optimization (eBO) will allow you to analyze trends, interpret outcomes, and fully leverage the wealth of data stored in your EMR/PM database.  You get to take advantage of specialists in all areas, including Financial, Operational, Compliance, Workflow, and Clinical Reporting to get the solution that’s right for you.


With eBO Your Practice Can:


      • Obtain insight into financial and clinical care issues to manage and monitor the practice’s overall health and progress.
      • Maximize efficiency and productivity through streamlined workflow processes that take your needs and practices into account.
      • Monitor Revenue Cycle Management through dashboards, lag trends and tracking.


When you Partner with Curas for eBO, you get:


      • A dedicated consultant to help create workflow and maximize data gathering and reporting
      • An implementation team dedicated to your project
      • Full analysis of business objectives, and creation of workflow to meet those objectives
      • Four days on-site training
      • Ongoing assessment to monitor productivity and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)


Need a specific report?  Curas also provides report templates and custom report writing services.  To learn more, visit our Report Store to purchase existing report templates.  If you don’t see the report you need there check out our Custom Report services or contact us to request a specific report.