Workflow Consulting

Adopting an Electronic Medical Records solution is a very transformative event. It involves more than just starting to use an application. It involves transforming your once paper-based workflows to a new set of electronic workflows. Things that you took for granted and that you completed without thinking may suddenly seem foreign to you.

At Curas, we offer eClinicalWorks workflow consulting, bringing a wealth of expertise that comes from hundreds of implementations for medical practices and hospitals across the US.

We help you to:

      • Marry your workflows with eClinicalWorks (and even enhance them) so that you can continue to see patients throughout the course of the implementation.
      • Anticipate the major changes to your key workflows so that your office can continue to function effectively.
      • Maximize the benefits of using an Electronic Medical Records System.

You’re not alone through the transition or beyond.  Curas will give you the knowledge and best practices to make the most of your practice’s transformation.