EHR Optimization

Optimize your eClinicalWorks for Better Care, Better Outcomes, Better Profitability

If you’ve made an investment in eClinicalWorks, chances are, you’re ready for optimization. Ask yourself:

  • Are we having trouble getting paid in a timely manner?
  • Are we still operating like we were when we were a paper-based medical office?
  • Have we been entering data since we went live, but aren’t sure what to do with it?
  • Do we need to better engage our patients in their care?
  • Are we ready for changes like ICD10?

Did you answer yes – or “I don’t know” – to any of these questions? You’re ready for optimization. Fact is, the need for optimization is just beginning. Those who start sooner rather than later will find themselves at a great advantage as the health care landscape continues to evolve.

Optimization is the process to leverage the power of eClinicalWorks, making use of the data you’ve been collecting since the implementation of your system, and making the most effective use of the features that will allow you to enhance your practice. Curas can help you get the most out of your eClinicalWorks investment, improving your business and patient care in the process.

By making use of commonly overlooked features like order sets, reporting, and integrated capabilities built into eClinicalWorks, you can have a dramatic impact on nearly every area of your business from financials and workflow efficiencies to increased patient engagement and better outcomes for your patient population.

Your practice will benefit from optimization. Here’s how:

Better patient care … Manage your patient populations better by leveraging the data in eClinicalWorks. Your system contains the information and reporting capabilities you need to monitor their status and progress against key health care metrics. Your patients experience is improved through shorter visits, better engagement, and streamlined communication between providers at point of care.

Better profitability … Your practice is a business. Optimizing eClinicalWorks gives you the power to improve your business by streamlining processes to optimize your revenue cycle. You’ll have a better handle on reimbursements, management of patient balances, getting billing out the door more quickly – and correctly, so you’ll experience fewer denials.

Patient Centered Medical Home … Because we focus much of your optimization on population management, patient dashboard, and reporting on key healthcare initiatives, Curas can help you work towards Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition, which allows you to qualify for additional payments.

Your patients will benefit from optimization.

Through optimization, patients will feel more engaged in their care, and ultimately, receive better care with better outcomes. They’ll have access to features in eClinicalWorks such as the patient portal or kiosk where they can be more interactive and communicate more with the practice without having to make a phone call or schedule a visit. With access to the healow smart phone app, patients can access their information from anywhere! Curas will help you deploy these features, but also help you ensure that patients are adopting and using the technology.

Get started today.

The process starts with a phone call to Curas. We’ll do some upfront discovery and assessment to determine where the issues may be, and begin identifying a plan of action. From there, the level and duration of the engagement is dependent on the areas that the practice wants to focus on and how large the practice is. Each engagement is tailored to the unique needs of the practice, and Curas holds the experience and expertise to identify and make a clear path for each practice.

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